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My Secret August 22, 2008

Posted by Rob Diaz in Fiction Friday, General Fiction, Short Stories, Unedited.
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(written for the Friday Fiction “Have your character steal something…” prompt)

I don’t really know why I did it.  It made no sense, really, what with me being a well known author, a celebrity amongst celebrities.  Yet, there I was, sitting in my study with the curtains tightly shut to block out the rest of the world so that they couldn’t see what I was doing as I stole a glance at the book I had just purchased this morning.  The book that told the story I was trying to tell, the one the world needed me to tell.


A Toasted Proposal August 8, 2008

Posted by Rob Diaz in Fiction Friday, General Fiction, Humorous, Short Stories, Unedited.

(written for the Friday Fiction “A Failed Proposal” prompt)

“I’d like to propose a toast,” said Greg as he watched the reception attendees stepping and twirling their way around the dance floor.


As We Knew It August 5, 2008

Posted by Rob Diaz in General Fiction, Short Stories, Unedited.
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It was a cold and rainy day, as we knew it would be.  It was always cold and rainy whenever we made plans to go to the beach.  I was rather bummed by this because I had tried so hard to make everything different this time, better this time, perhaps drier and warmer this time.

“It’s all your fault,” Lucy, my daughter, announced with her eight year old certainty.

“Yeah, Dad,” agreed Aaron, my 12 year old son.  “You blew it this time.  Thanks.”


Emptiness August 3, 2008

Posted by Rob Diaz in Edited, General Fiction, Short Stories.

He stepped outside on the cool, gray morning and felt the misty wet air attack his skin. The sound of the highway off in the distance was just a low hum, barely audible compared to the sounds of the animals in the yard. As he walked to the road to get the daily paper, the resident mourning dove called out from its perch on the tall tree beside the driveway. It was as if the song was tightly in tune with his soul, for with each note the bird sang a new set of goose bumps appeared on his skin. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as he tried to shake the morning’s mourning, trying to stave off the overwhelming pain of his depression for just a minute more.